4 Reasons Why Apple So Aggressively Dominates The Financial Market

A quick Google search of ‘Apple stocks’ will show you that the company is usually on the rise. They’re the most dominant force in the technology industry, and their success can’t be understated.

It arguably all began with the introduction of the iPhone back in 2007, and the sheer demand for each successive device ever since. Producing products like the iPad and the MacBook has allowed them to reach every type of audience, exerting dominance in all areas.

Their products feel familiar


Most people enjoy a sense of familiarity. It makes us feel more comfortable and puts us at ease. The same is true of any device, from smartphones to tablets. A poll conducted in 2014 found that three-fifths of iPhone users swore ‘blind loyalty’ to the brand, and it’s not hard to see why. Apple’s iOS hasn’t changed all that much since 2007, and people like coming back to it every year. A business and its products need to be accessible to ensure success, and Apple has this nailed.

New ideas, every year

Every single year, the company issues new software updates and device releases. From the Apple Watch last year to the rumoured iPhone 5SE this year, it’s a constant stream of excitement. It ensures they’re always relevant, and that draws people in. Customers love to spend money on something that’s currently cool, or in trend, and that’s usually always Apple.

If they vanished for a year, their stock price would probably drop and they’d lose that relevance that’s key to their success. We frequently see this happen when companies don’t release a product for a few years, and their new one has a hard time gaining traction.

They’re a publicly traded company

Taking a company public raises money – a lot of money. Apple first went public in December 1980, launching the IPO (Initial Public Offering) of its stock to any and all investors.

If you’re a well-liked company, which Apple was at the time, the financial benefit can be insanely huge. It also means there’s less risk, as you have a lot of people investing smaller amounts, rather than a few people investing lots.

This move has ramifications today, and most Apple stock predictions for 2016 expect the company to have one of its biggest years on record. Being publicly traded means they can afford more risks, which means the introduction of some exciting products.

They only produce high-end devices


Everybody wants their kit to be durable. After all, since it’s usually a hefty financial investment, we want this stuff to last us a few years without breaking. Apple, as proved time and time again, produce consistently reliable devices. Sure, there was the infamous ‘smartphone bending’ with the iPhone 6, but it was short lived and rectified quickly.

If a line of products is reliable, people will keep coming back for more. As previously mentioned, consumers love familiarity, and this extends to how long our products last. Quality products equals more purchases, allowing Apple to reign supreme overlord at the tech market.

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