5 Tricks To The Perfect Job Interview

So you’ve found your dream job. You crafted the perfect CV and your cover letter was the best yet. You confidently sent off the application and then you received the magical email asking you to come in for an interview. It feels like all the hard work is paying off! But you’re only half way there. The worst part is still to come and the dread starts to set in.

When we think of job interviews we tend to picture something closer to an interrogation. Especially since many companies now run a personality test for hiring employees. But they needn’t be so scary. As long as you are prepared and friendly, you’re bound to shine! Follow these simple rules and you’ll soon land the job of your dreams.

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Do Your Homework

The company will expect you to understand what they do. Make sure you are fully aware of their business model, their goals and their image. What do they want to achieve and where do they fit into the world? Employers are not just looking for someone who can do the job. They’re looking for someone who shares the company’s values and fits its image.

Be sure to know exactly what you’re applying for. Memorise the job description and recite it back to them as a list of your strengths and experiences.

It’s now easier than ever to find people online. Find out who’s interviewing you and Google them. Check their LinkedIn profile and see their work history. What are their specialties? Find out and speak their language. And don’t feel bad, they definitely Googled you first.


The same questions come up time and time again in interviews. What are your strengths? Where do you see yourself in five years? Practice with a friend and make sure you have a great answer to these questions. They usually come first and a strong start will help you settle in.

Look The Part

Remember what you’re applying for. Don’t show up in jeans and a t-shirt for an interview at a management accountants. Don’t show up in a suit to a music company. But always look smart and clean.

Employers form an opinion (and usually make a decision) before you’ve even opened your mouth. How you look and how you present yourself are vitally important.

Smile, be calm, and be confident

Smile and be friendly as soon as you enter the room. The employer will instantly warm to you. When they ask a question, take your time when answering. They’re looking for how you answer, not just the answer itself. They’re testing how you think. A calm, rational response is exactly what they want.

Ask questions and follow up

It’s an interview for the employers too. Use this chance to find out more about the company. Is it the right fit for you? They’ll be impressed and you’ll learn a little more about what you want. After the interview, send a friendly email to say thank you. A polite follow up in a week or so would be a good idea too.

There you have it. Be prepared, look the part and let your confidence shine through. You’ll have your own desk in no time.

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