The Best Locations For Paddle Boarding Uncovered

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Landlubbers look out; there is a new sport in town. When it comes to paddle boarding it seems that everyone wants to be a part of the craze. Paddle boarding has taken the world by storm. It’s one of those sports that allows you to be truly at one with the sea. You just need a paddle board and an oar, and you’re ready to go.

For newbie’s and experienced paddle boarders alike, it’s always good to know where the best locations are.. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need killer waves and white surf to enjoy the sport. In fact, there are some fantastic places where you can hone your skills and challenge yourself.

Get your paddle board at the ready. Here are the best locations for hitting the open water.

Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Okay, so if you have always dreamed of going to Hawaii, but never had a concrete reason, now you have one. Many people have hit the waves in Hawaii for surfing. But the paddle boarding craze has seen fit make sure that this gorgeous stretch of beach is used for getting on the SUP too. If you are a newbie, it’s recommended that you hit Sunset Beach in the summer. The ocean is calmer, and you can hone your skills. What’s more, you only have to paddle a mere 4 miles away to Waimea Bay. It’s certainly cheaper than getting a taxi.

Santa Cruz, California

California is where the young and the happening all hang out. If you can find a spot of ocean where people aren’t paddle boarding in Santa Cruz, let us know. Santa Cruz is extremely famous for paddle board aficionados. It’s become the place to test your skills. The calmer seas of California make it perfect for newbie’s and experienced paddle boarders alike. You can even spot seals on your ocean travels too. Utterly perfect.

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Bali has always been known as a tropical haven. But, now water sports are becoming one of the key reasons why tourists are flocking there. Sanur is the ultimate place to test your skills. The white surf and rolling waves make it the perfect place for experienced paddle boarders.

South Africa

Popular SUP ATX reviews have claimed South Africa as the new place to indulge in stand up paddle boarding. Due to the huge waves, amazing scenery and outstanding nightlife, South Africa is fast becoming the place to head to. It’s certainly giving California a run for its money. To make the most of your South African adventure, head to Strand. It’s a surfer’s paradise.

south africa


While Peru is best known for its history and culture, it’s starting to get something of a reputation on the SUP-scene. Chorrillos in Peru is a great place to indulge in your favourite sporting pastime. What is more, there is an established SUP community within Peru too. Chorrillos hosted the SUP Championships last year. So, you are in good company if you want to explore the jewel of South America.

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