10 Things Your Business Will Regret Doing on Twitter


Twitter has become an essential part of the social media marketing mix, and any business serious about building relationships with existing customers and finding significant numbers of new ones can’t overlook this tool.  But it’s easy to trip up on Twitter.  Here are ten top trip ups to avoid if you want to use Twitter as part of a powerful social networking strategy… without falling on your face.


  1. For starters, not being on Twitter is a big mistake.  If you aren’t there, set up an account as soon as you can.  It does not take long or require any special expertise.  Be sure to use your business name in your Twitter ID.  Once you get started, don’t be surprised to see that your business has already been mentioned by others.  Pay attention to what they’ve said.
  2. Be very careful to set up your account properly and use a difficult password.  Getting hacked is the worst kind of trip up, and the nasty sorts who hack accounts don’t care if you are a real human being trying to make a living to support your family.  You wouldn’t leave a bricks and mortar shop unattended and unlocked, so don’t do it to your Twitter account.
  3. Wait, you aren’t done yet!  Now that you have a nice, secure account, you need to use it, and use it regularly.  Your social media strategy should run to a strict schedule that ensures you develop an engaging presence on Twitter (and other social media sites too).  Have fun and stay in the game.
  4. What you say matters, and while the point is to promote your business, you do need a bit of finesse and self-control. Don’t overwhelm people with promotional posts, or they will flee from you.
  5. Re-tweeting some of your followers’ tweets is a good idea, but don’t only re-tweet the nice things people say about you.  Thank them for their kind words, and share the love by sharing what they say about their business or cause too.
  6. Of course, you can only do that if you are following back.  This is one time when it is good to be a follower – follow back those who follow you.  If you don’t, you will come across as a snob.
  7. Don’t just follow your followers, thank them for following and for any compliments or re-tweets you get from them.  It’s all about personal connection and two way communication.  People are offended if they feel you are taking them for granted.
  8. Not every mention of you will be kind words showering your business with praise.  You really can’t please everyone, but neither can you get away with ignoring complaints.  Try to view negative comments as a chance to showcase your excellent customer service in public.  Be courteous, and genuinely try to solve the customer’s problem.
  9. Your social media strategy should involve other sites, especially Facebook.  But remember they are all different, and you cannot simply recycle content from one on another.  Put a different spin on each message and make it unique.
  10. Do you get all excited when you get post addressed to ‘dear valued customer’?  No one likes impersonal communications. So don’t do the Twitter equivalent and send automated direct messages.  If you want to acknowledge new followers, just follow them back.  Auto DMs are only welcomed if they include a special offer such as a discount on a product.

It’s never too late to launch a great Twitter campaign, even if you’ve committed every Twitter trip up on the list.  Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again a little wiser.

James Scott is a writer and blogger for a Rubber Flooring company in Sleaford. Why not visit his website or check out his Google Plus profile.

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