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Nowadays, obesity has become an enormous as well as fatal health problem. It is the condition of the body in which the amount of fat increases at extreme level, the condition when an individual weighs 20 per cent or more than the ideal weight. Due to a number of health risks of overeating, it has been declared a disease. Obesity can be prevented and cured easily with the help of diet-related and exercise-related measures. These are described as follows:



First of all you should stop avoid fatty foods in your diet. Fats are known to have maximum number of calories. These extra calories will be accumulated in your body. So avoid them, if you want to remain slim and trim.


To prevent obesity, you should not overeat. It means that you should eat the food according to the requirement of the body. Suppose, you require 2,000 calories per day, then you should take the food that consists of only 2,000.  But if you take 2,100 per day, these 100 calories will be stored as extra fat under your skin. So keep an eye on your diet and try to take more fibers, vitamins and proteins regularly.


They can do wonders in preventing obesity. They should do aerobic activity for at least 60 minutes per day. These exercises or aerobics activities can be in various forms, such as jogging, running, cycling and dancing etc. Yogic exercises can help to stop this. Various asana and meditative measures are very helpful in this case. Dieting alone is not enough to lose weight. Don’t rely too much on the fat go and diet related products. They are being sold to gain market profits. They create hormonal disturbances, which affect the body severely.


Always keep in mind that alcohols, smoking and drugs intake always lead to obesity. They are directly absorbed from the stomach in the blood streams and easily stored as fat. The other type of intoxicants such as tobacco, opium, morphine, heroin, sedatives, steroids and LSD, etc can be very harmful too. Once an individual starts taking it, they become habitual, resulting in overeating.


Water can work wonders. It is an excellent appetite suppressant you can find. The human body is 70 percent water by mass while blood is 90 percent water. Drinking water helps in loading the stomach and keeps you from overeating. Drink at least eight to ten glass of water daily. It as well takes away toxins from the body and while assisting you to extract greater nutritional value from the body.


A well balanced and proper lifestyle can affect your body to a great extent.  School children should prefer to walk to school instead of going by car or motorbike. Make use of elevators than stairs. Instead of long hours of watching television, go for the outdoor games. A small change in your schedule and maintaining an adequate routine can be very beneficial for this.

This article is contributed by Simmon Pierre who writes for Chris DeSerio of, a well known reiki master.

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