How to Increase the Conversion Rate for eCommerce Websites?

conversion rate

Conversion rate is the potential to convert the visitors of your eCommerce website into your actual customers. This rate determines the ability of your business to achieve its ultimate goals and objectives while steadily contributing to the maximized returns and business progress. Conversion is the most difficult thing as a popular study reveals that only 10 visitors out of the actual 100 visitors have mutual interest in buying the products at a typical eCommerce website and at last only 2 among the 10 make the monetary purchase. If this is the real case you can take up few essential initiatives to augment your shopping cart site’s performance instead of withering on the vine later. Optimizing your eCommerce website for the renowned search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN can be one of the best ideas.

conversion rate

7 other tips to increase  visitor traffic and the rate of conversion are listed below:

  • The first thing that you need to focus on while attempting to persuade your visitors is  giving all the possible information about the targeted products that you are trying to sell. Ensure that you exhibit clear product images, simple and precise description about the product along with appropriate product videos when it’s necessary.
  • People prefer online shopping to save time and make their life simpler. Understanding this basic principle will drive you in making your site as simple as possible with intuitive navigation, easy checkout process, clear call-for-action, improved speed and performance, user-friendly design and a professional layout. Remember that understanding your site should be as easy as falling off a log for the ultimate user to get influenced.
  • Put on display the most admired and well-liked products along with special sales, attractive offers, eye-catching deals and other attention-grabbing aspects of your online store.
  • The most authoritative and driving force of your eCommerce website is managing a cultured shopping cart which cannot be abandoned by your customers at any point of time during their shopping experience. Make certain that you delight your customers by presenting competitive prices in the industry without levying any additional charges for shipping.
  • Do not nag or pressurize the customers by asking for more and more information. Let the data you request from them be sensible and to the point. Never force them to register with your site instead extend a user-friendly eCommerce site that will naturally sway their purchasing decision.
  • Encourage and hearten the customers by saying that you are there to address their needs and grant your fullest assistance whenever they call for it. Display the 24/7 customer care number, email address and LiveChat help to boost their confidence.
  • Offering multiple payment options, asking only for the essential information about their credit cards, trying to offer free shipping options, inviting user reviews, promoting flexible methods for canceling or altering the placed orders and delivering an assurance mail along with the date of delivery will win the trust and poise of your customers, making them your loyal delegates.

These simple steps can help you in sailing your eCommerce ship with greater resilience in high spirits. Happy voyage!

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