How Is Your Data Safe In The Cloud?


Many people have been questioning the safety of using cloud services lately with all the hacking of major sites going on. Is their data secure enough to trust in the hands of these companies? Is this really the best way to do it and why not just continue backing things up on our own networks?

Using a cloud service is known for being secure but it is very common to have worries about it, it is your information after all. If you have trouble trusting people with your data then it may not be the best route for you, though considering what a cloud service does in terms of portability it is something really to consider.


Some of the highlights of what a cloud service can offer as far as security goes are:

Multi-factor authentication which means that every log in attempt will have to be authenticated when used. Protection against scripting and forgery by scrambling passwords, so that if someone opens your password database, the passwords would be scrambled and unable to be gotten. SSL encryption through web browser and PC access that protects you from packet sniffers. Highly secure facilities with state of the art cameras, alarms and door locks. The system normally offers the ability of the administrator to see all unsuccessful log in attempts and get alerted of any suspicious activity in real time.

That is not to say a cloud service will never be hacked but the chances are slim. Any reputable company that provides cloud services have spent most of their money on security and data encryption. If you kept all your data on a machine in your office it is more likely to get stolen just for the computer than your data is that is stored on a cloud server.

When it comes to outages, cloud server companies have a ton of backups in place at multiple sites to insure if one place loses power everything is still safe. Even though this is great it is still wise to occasionally back up your data manually on your own network because you never know when your own might crash.

One of the only drawbacks to using a cloud is internet connectivity. Normally in an office setting if you have any trouble you just call the IT department and they will get you back up and running properly. With a cloud service you are connecting off site and possibly hundreds of miles away. As most of us with internet experience know, the farther away you are the more trouble your connection might have. If a connection is interrupted some people might feel helpless and frustrated that they cannot access their data, that is common. You just have to be patient and know that they have people working on it that are just as good, if not better, than your IT guys.

Overall cloud services are very secure and will give you the peace of mind that your data is safe from being accessed or stolen.

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