EU Decides to Keep the Sanctions on Russia

The European Union decided Tuesday to keep the group harsh sanctions imposed on Russia, stressing that the peace plan in Ukraine have not been implemented fully.

The Union imposed another set of sanctions against Moscow earlier this month, but the President of the Union, Herman Van Rompuy said he can lift these sanctions depending on the results of the audit.

Russian Forces
Russian Forces

Maya Kwecajkic, EU spokeswoman said on Tuesday that diplomats from the member states agreed on the existence of “encouraging developments” in “some aspects of the” peace agreement which was approved by the Kiev separatists and pro-Moscow this month in Minsk in Belarus.

But she stressed that “the important parts of the Protocol should be applied as necessary.”

“If the situation on the ground, supported it, will be invited to the Commission and the diplomatic corps in the European Union to put forward proposals to modify, suspend or revoke a set of sanctions imposed either in whole or in part.”

Van Rompuy was cut the same promise in the September 11, after the European Union agreed to impose sanctions after a week of tough negotiations, during which the number of students from member states to impose sanctions on Russia lighter.

There have been warring parties in Ukraine peace agreement of 12 points in Minsk on the fifth of September, while signed Ukrainian army and separatists loyal to Russia a separate agreement in September 30 for a cease-fire and the establishment of a buffer zone width of 30 kilometers on both sides of the border.

But the fighting continued and saw the wave of the bloodiest attacks during the month which killed nine soldiers and four civilians within 24 hours, according to what officials said Monday.

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