Hormonal Imbalance? Don’t Shoot The Chemical Messengers!

For many men, getting older can be unfairly associated with failures of the body and the mind. While it is normal to experience a loss of performance with age, certain shameful symptoms of aging have a medical cause and can be treated very successfully with the right prescription: Hormones. Indeed, hormones are the chemical messengers that tell your organs and brain what to do. Unfortunately, sometimes, these messengers pass incorrect information. The most common cases of hormonal imbalances for men are: The Andropause, or the male menopause, which is a decline of testosterone levels; the Adrenal fatigue is an insufficient production of cortisol, the stress hormone, which occurs when you have been suffering from stress for an extended period of time, and the Hypo and Hyperthyroidism is either a decreased or an increased metabolism. These imbalances have very visible results that you need to learn to identify.

#1. Bedroom Troubles

If you are experiencing troubles in the bedroom area, there may be a good chance that they are caused by a hormonal imbalance. Indeed, if you find yourself less excited at the idea of spending the night with your partner, for example, the decrease of libido could be the result of a hormonal problem. However, there are other causes for a low libido, so you should focus on repeated events instead of one-off accidents. Additionally, stress and emotional pressure are important factors in libido. Another bedroom trouble that can cause men a lot of emotional issues is the erectile dysfunction. This too can be the result of a prolonged stressful period, and if this is the case, you should consider finding a counselor to discuss your issues and free yourself from negative emotions. But more often than not, the hormonal imbalance is the guilty party behind an erectile dysfunction. A rarely seen symptom, the development of breast in men, can also be directly treated with the right hormonal program.


Don’t let bedroom problems pull you down!

#2. The Growing Forehead

With age as you reach your late 30s or early 40s, you can experience hair thinning or even scarce hair, which can translate into visible bald patches. First of all, you are not on your own as 50% of men experience some degree of male pattern baldness. In most cases, the cause is completely hormonal: The testosterone morphs into a different hormone that doesn’t recognize your hair cells anymore. As a result, this hormone begins attacking your hair follicles, and this causes hair loss. You can find effective treatments for this, such as ordering finasteride tablets : The tablets are indeed designed to limit the effect of the morphed hormone. Additionally, you should consider helping your hair with a high protein shampoo, which you can make with raw eggs. Proteins are indeed very helpful to support the healing process and help your body recover from the attack.


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#3. Weaker Body

Most people will tend to blame laziness or lack of workout program for symptoms such as fatigue and muscle loss. However, while genuine muscle loss is natural, especially as you grow older, if you practice a regular sports activity, from walking to pumping iron at the gym, these factors should not occur naturally. There are ways to verify if your muscle loss is a symptom of aging, lack of training or a cause of hormonal imbalance, but unfortunately, this implies a change of lifestyle. Healthy eating habits and regular workout prevents muscle loss in most cases. Consequently, looking to switch your bad habits for a healthy fitness routine could already bring a visible improvement. If you are left without any result, you should ask your doctor to test your hormone levels.

#4 Don’t Be A Drama Queen

Hormonal imbalance tends to show first with mood swings and irritation. This is something that you want to monitor closely, as if mood swings are becoming a regular element of your everyday life, they may be the indication that your body can’t produce a sufficient level of hormones. Additionally, in the long term, you will start developing more serious symptoms, such as depression and permanent anxiety, which, while they can be treated just as successfully as other symptoms, are likely to require a lot longer before they disappear.


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#5 I Can’t Remember A Thing

If you find yourself forgetting things, this could also be a case of hormonal imbalance. There are many reasons for memory loss, from lack of concentration to Alzheimer’s disease, therefore you should be aware that a hormone imbalance is only one of many. Nevertheless, this is something that you want to check with your healthcare provider to receive the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

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