How To Stop Coffee From Affecting Your Health


Everyone loves a cup of coffee. Other than water, it is the most popular drink on the planet. However, too much coffee isn’t good for your health because it contains caffeine. Although caffeine is okay in small doses, too much of it is harmful to your body. Among other things, it affects your sleep patterns and raises stress levels. But, what if you love coffee and can’t stop drinking your favorite beverage? How can you limit the effects of caffeine? Just take a look at these tips to find out more.

Cut Down

Your first step is to cut down on caffeine. When you cut down on a harmful substance, you limit its effects. To begin with, stop drinking as much coffee. One or two cups a day instead of six or seven is much better for you, especially if you take it will milk and sugar. Also, you need to remember that caffeine isn’t just in coffee. There are also high amounts in sugary drinks and tea. Again, limit the amount that you drink in a day to help your body recover.



Switch To Something Less Harmful

Although tea does contain caffeine, it doesn’t contain as much as coffee. So, you can use tea as your backup fix in the same way that addicts use morphine. Drinking tea will help you slowly wean yourself off caffeine altogether until you get to a point where you don’t need it anymore. Try and drink as many cups of tea as you would coffee before decreasing the amount to one or two cups a day. After a while, you won’t even notice when you don’t get a caffeine hit.

Clean Out Your Coffee Maker

It isn’t just the caffeine that can harm your body. The substances that are leftover in the machine will always harm your body if you don’t clean them out after use. Lots of people try the new way of making coffee which is with a coffee maker. Just make sure that you maintain it for your health and the taste. Cleaning it out is essential in maintaining a high standard of taste and hygiene in commercial coffee machines. If that sounds like too much hard work, you can always go back to the kettle and boiling water method.

Don’t Go Cold Turkey

The last thing you want to do is remove caffeine from your system completely. When you go cold turkey, you increase the odds of relapsing because your body craves the substance. Plus, if you are a big coffee drinker, your body might need caffeine to function. If that is the case, you will do more harm than good by removing caffeine from your diet altogether. Again, you need to wean your body off it step by step until it doesn’t need or crave it anymore. Tea is a good solution, but there are other drinks that will have the same effect.

Coffee is a staple of most of the world’s diet today. But, it can harm your health if you drink too much. By following these tips, you can still enjoy a cup of Jo and maintain your health.

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