5 Tips For Effective Human Resource Management

human resource management

Human resource plays the most vital in the day to day working of any commercial enterprise. It is the labor force of any organization that carries out all the manual tasks. The machines cannot operate themselves; they have to be operated by humans. Various machines can only assist humans in achieving their goals. All the important managerial decisions have to be taken by higher management.

Human resource management is the management of an organization’s human resources. It is responsible for selection, training, assessment, rewarding, promoting, retaining and solving the problems faced by employees. Here are some simple but effective human resource management tips which can assist in improving the efficiency of human resources of an organization.

human resource management

1. Reward the deserving

There are some employees who perform their duties just for earning their living. But there are other employees who are passionate about their work. For them work is worship. An effective human resource manager would be able to recognize the most outstanding and passionate employees of his or her organization and reward them suitably. The rewards could be in the form of incentives, promotions or recognitions. These rewards act as boost and help increase the efficiency of employees and encourage them to work even harder in the future.

2. Treat employees as humans rather than mere resources

Human beings are different from machines. They have emotions and are prone to fatigue and stress. The targets assigned to an employee and the time allotted for it should be realistic. Overburdening an employee can lead to fatigue and decline in efficiency and productivity. Timely leaves should also be granted to employees in order to refresh them.

3. Ego’s should not hamper effective decision making

Sometimes a subordinate might suggest a solution for a particular problem that is better than the solution suggested by higher management. In such cases the most effective solution should be followed. Sense of superiority or ego should not overpower right decision or its acknowledgement.

4. Deal sternly with unscrupulous elements

In every organization there are certain unscrupulous elements who indulge in corrupt practices. A good human resource manager should be able to identify such people. A timely intervention curb unsought for activities from unscrupulous elements and foster clean and efficient work environment.

5. Don’t rely completely on statistics

Human resource managers are entrusted with the task of selection and recruitment of employees. While recruiting employs you should not judge candidates purely on the basis of academic records. Sometimes records don’t reflect true picture and can be misleading. A candidate should be judged on extensive parameters and not necessarily narrowed down to academic qualifications when considering for a job profile.

Summary – An efficient human resource management ensures proper inflow of talent and its retention. This articles discuses some vital points about it.

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