Office Productivity Tips For when You’re Just Not Feeling It


Some people love their jobs. Some people are just working as a stop gap before they go and do something else. Some despise their jobs. Whatever category you fall into, we all have days where we’re just not feeling work at all. You might not be sick or anything; you just don’t feel up to doing your job. We all have good and bad days! These office productivity tips should help you out when you’re just not feeling it:

Nourish Yourself Before And During Work

By nourishing yourself at breakfast and lunch, you’ll feel more energized and ready to work. Instead of filling up on coffee and sugary breakfast items, try some water or a green juice. Healthy foods will make you feel so much better and set you up for the day ahead. You can still have coffee, but too much of it can actually make you jittery and unable to concentrate properly. Healthy, natural food items will be so much better for you.

Get A Little Exercise

Exercise is another great way to perk yourself up and feel more prepared to work. You’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to exercise if you don’t even feel like working, but you don’t have to do a lot. By doing 5 minutes of circuits, or maybe even just going on a walk you can get the benefits. You’ll feel so alert afterwards! You could even get up and take a walk every hour of work or so.

Tidy Up

Tidy up your desk and office area if it hasn’t been done for a while. This could be the reason that you don’t feel up to working. A messy desk could actually be lowering your morale and putting your off, say the guys at You could even add motivational things to your workplace, such as pictures and quotes. If you work with others, they might even motivate them too!



Promise Yourself A Reward

If you’re finding getting things done especially hard, promise yourself a reward for doing it. Maybe you could allow yourself time just relaxing watching TV when you get home, instead of doing chores. Maybe you could have a hot bath. You could even buy yourself a small gift! There’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for working hard.

Listen To Uplifting Songs

Uplifting music has a profound effect on our mood. Listen to some jazz or classical if you need to think hard, as music with too many words can sometimes be distracting. It’s up to you though. Any kind of music that you find uplifting could help you to get the job done.

Chew Gum

Chewing gum has been scientifically proven to help people focus and work for longer. If you just can’t concentrate, try popping in a piece and see if it helps you.

When you finish work, try relaxing and doing things to help you get ready for the next day. Leave your work at work. Relax, take a bath, and have an early night. Prepare your clothes and things so you don’t have to think too much in the morning. Keep a positive attitude and you’ll feel much better!

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