Real Estate Investing: Making Social Media Work for You

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Never underestimate the power of social media if you’re in the real estate investing business. Not only can it fuel your real estate investing venture with new leads and opportunities—maximizing social media to its full advantage can help real estate investors reach out to new lenders, partners, and prospective buyers online.

Three tips for boosting your real estate investing business online

real estsate

Maximizing social media to its full advantage is more than just posting the odd update on Facebook or Twitter and hoping to attract attention to a property. Real estate investors need to take a proactive approach by engaging friends (on Facebook) and followers (on Twitter) in relevant conversation. You can interact with prospective buyers online and drive them to your website property listings by providing helpful, relevant tips and advice on property investment and property maintenance. As long as the information is useful, you will be establishing your business as an “expert source” and establishing more connections as followers share your advice and articles with their extended networks. It’s like word-of-mouth marketing to thousands of interested buyers.

For real estate investors, social media can provide a source of some of tons of lucrative clients who want to buy, sell, and explore your property listings once they come to trust you as an industry expert.

The following 3 social media tips will help you boost your real estate investing business online:

1. Launch your own YouTube channel

YouTube is a very efficient tool for real estate investors if used to its full potential. By uploading videos of your property renovations, slide shows and video tours of properties, and promos for open house events, users can tag videos with geographical location (i.e., open house Houston Texas) so the channel displays the most relevant videos to online viewers searching by location. This way, online viewers don’t get open house videos for houses in Detroit, Michigan if they are located in Tampa, Florida and only geographically relevant videos are displayed. You can also connect your YouTube channel and Facebook page by getting the YouTube app. The app will automatically display every video you upload to your YouTube Channel on your Facebook page so followers can see all of your new listings as soon as they’re added.

2. Use geo-targeted keyword phrases

Real estate investors can geo-target potential buyers and sellers with tools like Hootsuite. This Geo Location tool searches for clients looking for properties in particular areas, such as “House” and “Dallas” so you can pinpoint clients looking to buy or sell property in your immediate area. Using Geo Locators you can search for potential clients and then send them a Facebook message or tweets to tell them about your property for sale or to find out more details about the property they want to sell.

3. Network with contacts via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a really efficient relationship building and networking platform—particularly for real estate investors who are hoping to find property managers, contractors, property developers, lenders, home builders, renters or buyers, etc. Simply set up a free LinkedIn profile and posting relevant content about your “for sale” or “for rent” properties, start discussion topics in relevant property investment groups, or post status updates on vacant properties that you want to rent out.

Karen Davis is a real estate investing mentor from Houston Texas. Karen began as a member at Lifestyles Unlimited in 2008, and has since bought and sold 12 single family properties. She became a Mentor and Trainer and currently owns 8 single family properties.

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