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social media

The power of social media and social marketing is endless. Most people consider social media marketing only worth while if you have a website or a corporate website or if you’re a celebrity; but what people don’t know is that you can dominate your local town (even if it’s a small town) all with social media. Knowing how to utilize social media and how to use it to the best advantage to make sure you dominate your niche and you’re market will be the key. Knowing your audience plays a huge role as well.

social media

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Build Your Social Media

The first thing you have to do (we’re assuming you have a local business already established) is that you have to first establish your social media profiles. Don’t just stop with the most popular websites such as Facebook or Twitter, but you also should consider creating a YouTube channel, a MySpace channel, a LinkedIn account and other social media website profiles as well. While these might take resources and time to manage, the effort will be worth it.

You want to spread the word and your business to everyone possible. Even if you live in a very small town, everyone should be hearing what’s going on with your business or potentially finding it. Believe it or not, there are some people in the world who don’t like to use and don’t even have social profiles such as Facebook or Twitter but yet they still use other social media networking websites. So don’t limit yourself to only what’s popular and what’s hot, but utilize as much as your resources and time will allow you to.

Dominate Your Niche

No matter what niche you’re in, you can dominate it easily with social media. While in a small town there might be only one business in your market, you still want to take it seriously and pretend that you’re in a sea of businesses that do the exact same thing you’re doing. Not only will this show commitment to your customers but it will show that you and your employees truly care about what you’re doing and you’re not just trying to make some profits. We all know that businesses only exist to make some profits, but being a business that cares is much more profitable than being a business that doesn’t care.

We’re going to assume you’ve found your niche market and you know exactly what kind of niche you’re into. Does your local business sell gardening equipment, does it specialize in teaching people how to garden or does it do both of those things? You can’t try to invite people to like your page who have absolutely no interest in something you offer because while it might look good to have hundreds of thousands or millions of likes on a page, how many of them are going to be willing to purchase something?

Promotion and Posting

One of the common questions and mistakes that companies make on their page is their posting. They post random things that have no relevance to what they’re trying to say or they’re trying to post random news that some people might find amusing but doesn’t help people become customers. People liked your page because they were interested in what you had to sell and they’re interested in your products.


If you have any news on your products or services, then you should be promoting it. Let’s say one of your items is now 15% off or there are current deals on some of your products, you should be posting and tweeting these.

Promotional Events

If you’re hosting a charity or event or you’re just doing some promotions, this is also something you should be posting.

New Products

Whenever you release a product, this is also something you should be posting. New products can create a buzz about your brand and is a good way to increase social shares and attract links.

Remember, you need to first target the right market audience that you’re trying to sell to and only invite them to like or follow your page. Then, you need to sell them with relevant posts and ads. They aren’t going to be turned off by the ads because they liked your page only because they had relevant interests to your page.

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