The US Cities With The Highest Crime Rates

Each year, Americans are keen to know which cities have the highest crime rates in the country. People want to find this out, so they know where is the safest place to live and raise a family. Today, I take a look at the 2015 crime statistics and reveal the four cities with the highest rates of crime.

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For many years now, Detroit has been the most dangerous city in the US. Crime rates are always high, especially with regards to murder. It’s often said that the only reason you’d want to live in Detroit is if you’re a criminal lawyer. You certainly wouldn’t have any problems finding cases there. The city is rife with crime and it’s notorious for being an unsafe place to live. There is some good news, though, the crime rates do seem to be heading downwards. However, they’re still way above the national average, and Detroit is still the city with the highest crime rate in the entire country.


Coming in at second on the list is a city from the state of Tennessee; Memphis. The people of this city faced a very tough year in 2015. All of the crime stats make for pretty ugly viewing. There was an increase in every type of crime from the past year. To be precise, crime increased by 5%; that’s a pretty big jump. To make matters worse, one of the biggest crime increases was rape. There were more than 10% more cases than the previous year. And, the icing on this particularly dreadful cake is that murder cases were at their highest in nearly a decade. All in all, Memphis solidified itself as one of the least safe places to live in the US.


The Californian city of Oakland may be third on this list, but things are looking up. In the past year, crime has actually decreased by quite a bit. There is now 15% less crime than there was twelve months ago; a rather impressive decline. However, one crime did increase, and that was rape. You’ll notice this is a common theme with all four of these cities, which isn’t good at all. But, on the whole, crime has taken a big hit in Oakland. And yet, it still makes it to number three on this list, which says a lot for how high the crime rate is in this city.

St Louis

Much like Memphis, St Louis saw a 5% increase in crime over the last twelve months. Amazingly, this increase still doesn’t bring the crime rates up to the level of Oakland in third. This is quite incredible when you consider Oakland saw a crime decrease too. Almost every type of crime increased in St Louis, and murder was the biggest mover. There were a lot more murders in 2015 than in 2014.

So, these four cities have been found to be the most dangerous in the country. The crime rates for all four are shockingly high, making them very unpopular places to live. Although a couple of them see crime drop, they still can’t shake the tag of being an unsafe city.

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