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Selling your product involves creative marketing tactics. One of the most modern marketing methods being used by businesses right now is vlogging (video blogging). Companies of all sizes are creating Youtube videos to help push their brand. Of course, video marketing has its rules just like everything else. Before you pick up a camera and start recording, here are few tips to help you turn vlogging into a success.


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Don’t be too promotional

Video content needs to be engaging. Whilst it’s okay to create video ads, few people are going to be drawn to your channel if all you do is advertise your products and services. Lure people in with entertaining and informative content and then convert them into clientele. One of the most popular methods is to give advice videos. This could be to fellow business owners or potential clients relating to interests surrounding your business. Content must be relevant to your business and professional in tone (although you can still make it informal and fun). Other ideas for videos could be news within your trade, reviews of other products or day-in-the-life videos showing people what it’s like to work in your business.

Educate yourself

The best writers read a lot, the best musicians copiously listen to music and the best vloggers watch others people’s vlogs. Learn from other business vloggers – their successes and their mistakes will help you create your own style. Take note of the way they present themselves, the content they cover and the tricks they employ. This will ensure that you come across convincingly. If you’re not so tech-savvy, you may want to educate yourself in video-editing. You can self-teach yourself online or take an Adobe Premiere Pro training course – which leads to the next important point…

Use the right tools

A decent quality camera and a good microphone will give your videos a professional edge. Bad quality visuals or audio can put a lot of people off. Similarly, you should download the appropriate editing software for the job.


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Promote your videos

There is so much content on Youtube that simply relying on people to stumble across it is futile. Share your videos on other mediums to gain them more exposure such as social media and your website. You can then pay to promote your social media posts. Eventually you will start to get a naturally growing audience, which will help to fuel your other mediums.

Vlog regularly

Regular content leads to subscribers. If people click on your channel and see that you haven’t posted a video in months, they may not bother investing any more time in your channel. Find a time once a week to sit down and film a video. You may be able to create a regular series – a ‘monday motivation’ instalment or regular interviews with other industry specialists. Dedicate yourself to vlogging and people will dedicate themselves to you. You should also keep on top of viewer interaction by promptly replying to queries and responses in the comment section. Build enough respect and reputation and people will take an interest in not just your content but your business, earning you more clients.

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