What Might be Causing Crime Rates to Fall in Some US States?

Crime rates in the USA have gradually been falling over the past decade. And, in certain states, some have plummeted even more in recent years. There are a lot of factors that might have contributed to this decline in crime. And it’s worth looking at a few possible explanations to try to get a handle on the root causes.


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Rise in Gun Sales

Perhaps the biggest reason for the reduction in crime might be the rise in gun sales. Because civilians are arming themselves more frequently now, it has provided a big deterrent. Indeed, www.thenewamerica.com tells us that soaring gun sales have played a huge role. It might be debatable whether the causation is shown, but it is certain that this has played a role. Criminals might think twice about attempting to rob or attack someone if there is a risk of that person being armed.

Better Education

Something else that could be playing a role is that people are receiving better education. The way that schools are educating kids can play a big role. If people are taught about the issues of crime, they will be less likely to re-offend. Also, with a better education, there is an increased chance of a stable career and better job prospects. So it’s obvious that this has probably had a big hand in helping the reduction of crime in certain states.

Defence Lawyers

It might seem odd to suggest that criminal defence lawyers can help reduce crime. But, in a way they do play a role. What they do is they provide people with a second chance. Granted, not all criminals deserve this, but not all criminals are repeat offenders. A lot of the time people might make a mistake and break the law. They are then sent to jail, and when they get released a life of crime is the easiest and most likely path. Talented lawyers such as the ones at www.formerdistrictattorneys.com can give people a second chance. If they avoid jail time they will feel grateful, and will often be less likely to want to break the law again.


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Police Presence

As is the case everywhere, a strong police presence reduces the risk of crime. Criminals and potential criminals are unlikely to break the law if they know there is a police presence. And many states have found that a strong police presence has been instrumental in helping crime rates plummet. The problem that some states face is whether they have enough police to effectively do this and keep it up. And that’s something that the governors and heads of state need to think about. But, it’s pretty obvious that an increased police presence on the streets is helping to combat the issues of crime. If people know there is a higher chance of them getting caught, then they’re less likely to commit crimes.



Changes in Law

Another factor that plays a big role is the changes in law. Now, these often vary from state to state so it’s difficult to determine what the changes might be. But it seems likely that more stringent laws provide a deterrent to those considering committing crimes. Criminals may not view it as a worthwhile venture if they fear the risks of being caught and facing a lengthy sentence. So, the changes in the law in a lot of states could well be a defining factor in seeing crime rates plummet. If there is long-term success from changes in the law there all states might decide to follow suit and work towards a better America.

Legalisation of Marijuana!

For those people thinking outside the box, there might be other factors to consider. We all know that recent legislation has legalised marijuana across certain states. And, this could well be a contributing factor to the drop in crime rates! It might seem a bit hokey to attribute it to this, but marijuana is known to relax people who use it. And it could well be the case that everybody is too relaxed and chilled out to bother committing crimes! Though this seems an improbable factor, it is still on that should be considered when looking at the drop in crime rates.

Decreased Unemployment

Something else that can be attributed to falling crime rates is linked to unemployment. It’s pretty clear that many crimes are crimes of necessity. A lot of people who break the law do so because they are trying to provide for their loved ones. This doesn’t make it okay, but it can, at least, be understood somewhat. And that’s why there is generally a direct correlation between employment figures and crime figures. In states where unemployment rates have dropped, it’s usually the case that crime rates drop as well. Most people who commit crimes of necessity would not do so if they didn’t need to. And being in gainful employment means they don’t need to break the law to live.



Increased Income

It\’s pretty clear that an increase in income has led to a reduction in crime. Despite what scaremongers might have us believe, most crime is linked to circumstance. People who have money and can support themselves are less likely to commit crimes than if they are struggling for money. That’s why it’s safe to assume that’s an increase in household income across the nation has contributed to a drop in crime rates. That’s why employment is also so important, and the two are linked very closely. Areas where there is a lot of poverty are likely to see higher crime rates.

There is no one factor that can be attributed to the decreasing crime rates in the United States. It’s more a combination of a lot of social, economic and governmental factors. Looking at a blend of all these things gives us a clearer picture of why crime rates continue to drop. Assessing the cities with the highest crime rates gives us a good indicator of how things are changing. However, with the political climate in the country at present, this could look set to change. If Donald Trump is elected as President, there is no way of knowing what will happen to crime rates within the nation. For now, however, there has been a steady and welcome decline that can be attributed to a lot of different things.


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