What New Technology Is Gracing The World Of Sport & Fitness?

There is one thing that the world of sport has in common with almost every other industry out there. That is, it is continually being improved upon by the parallel world of technology. This might not seem like a relationship which is particularly clear or obvious. However, it is one which is constantly evolving in its own manner. The fact is, there are many new technology trends of recent years which are hugely affecting how certain sports are played. There are those which affect the actual gameplay of specific sports, for example. And then you have more general ones which look into the nature of fitness and exercising itself. In this article, we will be taking a look at some key pieces of technology to surface in the world of sports and fitness in the last few years. Let’s take a look at them now.


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Smart Yoga Mat

For those who are keen to keep their body and their mind in shape, there is a useful piece of kit which can help you to do just that. The smart yoga mat is a clever new piece of technology which allows you to continually up your yoga game. It is designed to extremely accurately sense where your weight lies at any given time. Using that data, it can work out whether or not you are performing any particular pose correctly. This will be particularly useful for those who are practising yoga alone, as it enables you to see exactly where you are going wrong. What’s more, the price tag is not too bad either.


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GPS For Golf

Golf is a sport which is famous for taking up a lot of physical space. Part of the enjoyment of the game is caddying to the next tee, of course. But it can be all too easy to lose where you are – or, worse yet, lose your ball. This is something that happens to amateurs and professionals alike, and it is always a nuisance. That’s where golf gps watches come in. With these handy and affordable little devices, you can ensure that you never get lost on a golf course again. What’s more, they can even tell you how close to the hole you are. This is particularly useful for those who are relatively new to the sport, but anybody can benefit from it.

Connected Cycle

We saw how the yoga mat can analyse your metrics to provide you with an understanding of what your body is really doing. Well, there is also a similar technology for the cyclists out there. The Connected Cycle is a smart bike pedal which enables you to capture data from your bike rides. If you are curious to discover how many calories you are burning, or how many miles you have cycled, then this is the ideal solution. It can even connect to a mobile app to enable you to view your data as you are cycling. This is a great piece of kit for anyone who is keen to discover just what kind of favours they are doing for their body.


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