Why Australia Needs More Of Its Own Skilled Tradesmen

Australia has a great reputation worldwide for the work opportunities available. Until recently, it played a huge role in immigration. It still does, after the recent changes to visa law. But the truth is that we have plenty of workers who can fill the gap in the markets that we’ve spent years attracting people toward. In fact, there are trades in Australia that are in need of more workers than ever. There are still industries on the rise, from those that require only skilled labour to those that use the benefit of a graduate education. Let’s take a look at some of them.


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Expanding depth

As much unexplored and as there is in Australia, there are new mining opportunities appearing all the time. Demand for minerals is booming. Not just for fuel but for the parts that we use in everyday electronics. Civil mining and construction projects in Australia are steady work that needs a steady supply of workers. There’s no denying that mining is dangerous, even with the drastic improvements to safety in past decades. However, that only makes it all the more lucrative.


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Homes to spare

The housing market in Australia is probably one of the most variable in the world. While some places might see a slump, others are ripe with opportunities to make money. Real estate is not an easy game to get into, but it can be very well paying one. There’s a lot to consider when investing in real estate, of course. If your personal finances and a network of connections make it lucrative for you, developing homes can provide jobs for lots of skilled tradesmen.


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Carers needed

One of the most popular and accepted choices for work visa applicants has been in the field of caring for the sick and elderly. The fact that we have accepted so many carers in the past only demonstrates that we have the room for a lot more carers in our own citizens. Nursing care training doesn’t require further education, with plenty of funds and opportunities put toward getting more young people into the industry.


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It’s entrepreneur rich

Another very lucrative option that sees people immigrating to Australia is the opportunities here for accountants. There’s a big push in entrepreneurs starting their own business and the smarter of these entrepreneurs will need accountants to help manage their finances. Becoming an accountant is by no means easy, requiring a lot of education. But if you have the funding toward it, it’s never too late to get that education. Australia is incredibly entrepreneur rich so the opportunities for accountants lie around every corner.

There are a lot of reasons we need tradesmen of all kind. Of course, we still need more of the old faithful tradesmen positions. Plumbers, electricians and construction workers chief among them. Not only will this see more of our own in work, but the rising paygrade of these trades will provide tremendous benefit to our economy. If you’re considering a new career path, try thinking about one of these.

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