Why Do People Look At Their Phones 100 Times Per Day?

Well, first, let’s be honest. That thing that you’re carrying around in your pocket isn’t really a phone at all. It is, in fact, a miniature computer, capable of doing almost everything that your laptop can. So when we say people check their phone one hundred times a day, most of the time it won’t be for basic phone functions. Not when smartphones these days are filled with apps and have other abilities rather than just sending a message or placing a call. So, let’s look at some of the most popular reasons people use their phone throughout the day.


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No doubt a lot of people are using their phone to either play games, watch movies or listen to music. You can do all this on your phone and much more. In fact, it’s possible to watch 4K videos on your phone if you have the latest model on the market. Whether or not the picture will look any different is another matter entirely. But this type of UHD image is readily available on new cell phones. It’s one of the reasons why Netflix now offers some of their most popular TV shows in 4K. As for games, we only have to look at the success of Pokemon Go to see how popular they are. In fact, mobile games are now so popular that both Nintendo and Sony are developing entire sections of their company dedicated to it. It’s only a matter of time before phone games start to rival the most popular console headliners.

Online All The Time

If you ask a pro marketer where the most attention should be for a modern promotional campaign, they’ll say mobile. They won’t even consider the other option because, in truth, there isn’t one. More people than ever are now buying products and services on their phone and on portable devices. They don’t even bother to switch on their computer anymore. This is why it’s crucial that sites have a mobile responsive design. Or if they don’t, the company should have an app that is readily accessible for customers to use. This is the only way to guarantee that a modern consumer continues to buy.

Check The Stocks, Stay Up To Date

You can check everything from stocks to the latest news updates on your phone. In fact, people in Britain were probably woken up at 4 am last night when the results of the US election came through. Updates are always being transmitted to the phone, and many are completely personal. If you have one of the latest phones, it probably knows what you want to hear about and what you don’t. This type of targeted marketing is common on all devices and encourages us to check our phones more often. Whether you want to check the bets for horse racing today or how far the pound has fallen you can find it all on your phone.

Don’t Forget Email

Finally, you can forget signing on to your computer to check your email, your bank account or your messages. They are probably all accessible through your phone. It’s just one of the many reasons why we hardly ever put our phones down. There’s no doubt about it. 100 times a day might seem like a lot, but frankly, when you take into account all the uses, we’re surprised it’s not higher.


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